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Imperfect Words Inside a Perfect Song

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Florence and the Machine - Never Let Me Go

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All this time I was fighting for what I believed in…

All this time I was fighting for what I believed in…

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M.I.A. on set of Bring the Noize video clip by Liz Johnson-Artur, 2013

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boom clap || charli xcx

you are the light and I will follow
you let me lose my shadow
you are the sun the glowing halo
and you keep burning me up with your love

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Queen + Adam Lambert - Love Kills live at iHeartRadio

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But you ain’t worth the satisfaction cause
all you do is speak of love but never lead to action

I used to count the days with you but now I just subtract them.

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365 Days of Music - 40/365

Holding Onto Heaven // Foxes

'All these years, I've been chasing down the answers'

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friday i’ll be over u // allison iraheta

monday, tuesday, we were cool
wednesday i found out ‘bout you
caught my heart by telling lies
you weren’t what you advertised

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In love with this album.

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So, we’ve established that Lykke Li’s latest record I Never Learn was an emotional one, yet we can’t help but keep on having our hearts broken. There’s just something about it… The same can be said for her music videos, the latest of which, is for stand-out track ‘Gunshot' which pictures the Swedish starlet perform a more loose and free dance routine in an abandoned parking lot. 

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and you’re so much like me
i’m sorry

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