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Imperfect Words Inside a Perfect Song

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Look, when you’ve grown up a bit, you’ll realise that everything doesn’t have to be nice. Some things are just bad.

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Clara Oswald outfit appreciation

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Donna Noble Appreciation Week Day Four: Favorite Relationships Part 2 - Donna and Wilf

I love you.

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Can’t get it open! Well, smash it then!

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make me choose:

blueboxtraveller asked: travelling to the future or the past?

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guyplayfair asked: If you could hug any Doctor Who writer, which one would you hug? I think personally I would go for Robert Shearman, he looks cuddly and that beard would probably feel nice rubbing on your head. Russell T Davies also looks quite huggable but his propensity towards suits and lack of facial hair might not make it as pleasurable as Mr Shearman.



I would like to hug all the women who have written for Doctor Who since 2008. All of them! I would start with…

What, nobody?  That can’t be right…. (goes off, puzzled).

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