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Imperfect Words Inside a Perfect Song

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Tom Hiddleston sings Bear Necessities x

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Sebastian Stan gets choked up talking about how much his mother means to him…

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"I always really wanted to shoot the stuff with Neville’s parents in St. Mungo’s hospital. It was something that David Yates was really keen on and we just kept saying, every sort of month or so would go by, ‘I’m really trying to get it back in, we’re trying to find time’, and it just got away from us, unfortunately, in the scheduling. We never got around to it, to shooting it, to which David was very apologetic. It was a shame, I thought it was really quite important to Neville’s back story. It sort of showed what his inspiration was, it sort of showed why he did everything that he did, and why he had Harry’s back and fought the good fight."
Matthew Lewis, on a scene he wished had made it into the films. (via simplypotterheads)

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Lee Pace + tropes and trademarks

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Chris you fucking meatball!

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I was that ambitious when I was very young as well. Gwen is clear on what she wants to do with her life – in terms of her job and her sense of purpose. I think and hope that I am in the same ballpark there. Science-wise, though, she is much better than me.

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I'm amazed that things have panned out the way they have. I always say I’m so lucky, though my mom always says, ‘you make your own luck.’ “

make me choose asked: orlando bloom or lee pace?

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"[I would rather] have a dragon. Which I do in my dreams every night when I AM Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryen.” - Kristen Bell

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anonymous asked: chris hemsworth or tom hiddleston?

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